A Global Learning Community

Kilns is a community of students, professors, activists, humanitarians, theologians and individuals committed to learning and to changing a changing world. Your classmates are NGO workers and ministry professionals. Your professors are global thinkers and activists. Your community is everywhere. Your discussion is not confined to the walls of a classroom; your voice joins hundreds of others to speak truth, love and beauty to a world in need and longing for a voice of positive transformation.

A New Way of Learning

What if you could envision education and a new way of learning that embraces the challenges of today's fast-paced and changing world?  We asked ourselves the same question and designed an innovative approach to education that embraces today's online culture of interactive engagement. We're a virtual campus committed to relational community. Students connect with their professors' networks and develop meaningful relationships that cross borders and continents. Envision learning in an environment that combines the top 10% Ted Talks with the most engaging social media videos from the world's leading theologians and justice practitioners—and combines all of that with the in-depth discussion typically reserved for your local coffee house. 



     Faculty Model

Kilns faculty are today’s leading experts, theologians, thought leaders and justice practitioners. They’re pioneering research, modeling peacemaking initiatives, authoring books, and living out justice in their every day lives. Kilns faculty are located around the world and offer a global perspective on today’s most complex theological issues.

            Agile &

Kilns College students are encouraged to customize their degree to reflect their individual passions and interests. Programs are designed for students to incorporate into their lives and to go hand-in-hand with current work, volunteer efforts and ministry opportunities. We’re committed to providing this high quality education at an affordable price of under $10,000 and with scholarship opportunities. Kilns College students graduate from our program 100% debt-free.